Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Head Qurs 16th Vt. Camp at Fairfax Station Feb’y 22nd 1863My own Sweet Angel wife,

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We are having the most tremendous storm, snow, I ever saw in Va. and about as hard as we ever had in N. Eng. tho not as cold. but it is cold enough. I just sit by my fire, smoke & attend to callers. If I only had a splendid wife here I would put a guard on the door & attend to her. Aint you sorry you are not here. I have lots of such good letters fr my own wife the last

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week. Have not written but two to her, but I love her enough. I am so apt to write bad letters, dont dare trust myself to write too many, aint I wise? My own pet I should so like to see you & hold you in my arms. I would about all day if we were in our house. Darling angel I do think you are a good wife & devoted & I love you so much. Dont you think of anything but yr baby now a days? Are you sorry or glad you are delicate? I dont know which I am. Col Proctor says it is inhumane treatment of a woman at such a time.

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I guess it is but who could help it. George Eason is here came yesterday. Mrs Tripp sent me a jar of apple sauce, very nice. What a fine boy he is. I dont know a better appearing boy. Says Mrs Tripp cant get along without you anyway. Mr T. wrote to me about your going there. Guess you would have to go if you were well. George you beat all for fun & frolic. That is what everyone says yet I never see it when I am with you. Wish

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I could see how you act when I am not around. I fear I am a restraint upon you, & you will be glad to have me out of yr when you have lived with me a little while. Dont you think so? Reckon old lady you have not forgotten how to be agreeable to [young] men although you are so afraid you have offended them by your stiffness. Guess I shall have an opportunity to give you a few more lectures yet for bad behavior &c. I am so fearful yr [girls] will be