Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Head Qrs 16th Vt Infty Camp at Farifax Station Va March 5th, 1863My own Sweet Wife,

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I returned from Washington yesterday, wrote you a short letter fr W. did you receive it? I countermanded the order for $300. If you have not countermanded your order for it you may do so by telegraph so Mr. Page wont send the money or draft. I got the money in W. I dont expect you have sent for the money as I rec’d yr letter yesterday fr So Reading, saying you would not get home before to day or to-morrow, & that means about next week probably, so all will be right if you will but love yr husband who is so desperately in love with you. Are you sure you love him & are true in word thought

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& deed, day & night, sick or well at home or abroad, under all circ umstances & everywhere &c &c &c? How splendid & provoking it is to have such a dreadful killing wife. Splendid when one can be with her & provoking when one cant be with her & others can. I have a mind to being jealous. What is the use of being provoked without being more so! But there one thing you must stop. i.e. putting on so many “airs” about that baby. That is a pretty thing to be proud about I should think. I would not have one for the world. I should feel ashamed. The idea of having a baby. I hope that wont happen to me anyhow. How many

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dresses have you got for him? I never heard of such works as you do carry on. There will be twins any how. You will be the one & the baby the other. You are baby enough for me. I’ll have you & you may have the other. Is that a good arrangement? I shall be glad when it is over with & you are well. You never shall have another, even if the weather is cold, so you must make the most of this one. I dont feel very well to-night. I think I have a cold coming on. The weather has been very changeable lately & quite cold Henry’s wife is coming

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out here. He is at Alexandria. Guess I will send you ten dollars for a present as I could not find anything in W. to send. Good night my own sweet Angel. Love yr husband. Regards to Mother & the rest.

Fondly YrsWheelock