[Henry Harrison Wilder] to Mother

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Camp GriffinNov th 8Dear Mother

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I got youre letter of the third last night and it was received with mutch plasure it is with mutch anxiety that I listen evry night when the letters are looked over and the names are called to see if thare is any thing for me and you now not the joy that it brings to me to hear from home and espesia from my Mother and Sister but it is not often that I heer from Sister I do not wish to have you think that I am geting any better in regarde to my caracter but I am a going to try to goe home as good as when I left and

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it is my intention to be a little better but you must not expect to mutch of me for it is a bad plase for any one to try improve for as you tolde me Camp life is a bad life but the advise that Father gave me in the North [    ] is ever as hand when thare is any temptation at hand and I have resisted temptation and the more I resist the more I can and that litle book that was Given me is a greate help to me and if heed its sayings I think that I shall goe home if I ever do as good as when I left and it is my intention to heed its sayings and I think the one that gave it it me

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for the advise she gave with it I am well as usual and enjoy myself Merrill sends his love to you he is well Fenton is very sick he was taken to George Town to the Genrell Hosptol about a week agoe and I have not hurd from him since he went thare I think that he never will see his home agane but I do not know it is my wissh that he will and that he will be with us agane to helpe in the cause that he engaged in how do you do and Father and Horty I hope that you are will tell Horty that Cap gets used evry night give my love to the people at home that encuire after me so good by from your Sone