Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Camp Griffinth29 1861Dear Mother

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it is most might but I thaught that that I should have time to write a short letter to you and let you know how things are ageting along and let you know how I am I am ageting along first rate I am well as ever and I think a little better for I have got accustomed to the living and the climate and am doing first rate you can judg for your self when I tell you what I gained in two weeks I have gained 10lbs I enjoy myself first rate and as for the sleeping I have slept very warme we

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have got some ticks and we fill them with husks whitch makes a very good bed we have agood blanket and over coat whitch we use for a blanket and we have a fire in the Tent evry night we have very hard frosts nights but have plesant days things are all very still in this Camp but thare is some fiting going on in other plases but you get the news before we do I suppose thare was two of the men in this Reg that was buried las night after dark it was a solom sight to see the coffins was caried by the men on thare sholders to the graves the Companies

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the men belonged to followed with thare guns and at the grave the corps was let down and the Chaplain performed the serimony and then the companys discharged two vollies over the graves and left them to lay in a strange land far from friends and home and the loved ones that must lament thare loss when they receive the sad news but there I must stop as it is a geting late how do you and all the foks do at home I hope they are well and you in particular I wrote to Sister to day write as

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posible I have received youre letters of the 24th Merrill is well and enjoyes himself Fenton is not very well the Doctor says that he is a going to have the measels nothing more at presant so good by from youre ever affectionate Son

H. H. Wilder

H. H. Wilder
Camp Griffin
Comp F 5 Regt Vt Vols
Capen E S Stowell