Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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Headquarters Alixandra Reg't. Co. LCamp Sesesh Church 186Mar 16thDear Mother

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We have moved since my last we come to this plase yesterday in the rain we are in a very nise Church at Alixandry it is lit with gass & I am writing by its lite when we got ready to start yesterday McLelan made a speach he told

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us what he wanted of us & what he expected marching, fiting & perhaps hunger would be our portion & it comnced yesterday we march 19 miles in the rain to this plase we are wating for the boats to take us to the field of action the boats are all at the clock taking supplis of coal & other nesesarie probaly we shall goe to morrow I thought that I would write you to night perhaps for the last time for my mind is fuly seatted on one point that is that we have

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got to fight it more has been till now when we are going I know not direct as usual as the mail will follow the Regt

from your SonH H Wilder

P.S. write soon & often I will do the same or as often as I can