Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, October 23, 1874

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Strafford Vt. Oct. 23, 1874
Prst. Buckham,
Burlington, Vt
My dear Sir: Sitting up to see
the Moon eclipsed--not a hard job--
the eclipse I mean, though 2 o'clock
strains a little--I have easily kept
awake by reading your address to
the Dairymen, and I wish it had
been longer. For my purposes it would
have been better so, but I only began
to say, if I can ever get to it, that
the address was excellent and I have

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not a doubt it will do good. I
regret that I could not make my
plans so as to have been with you
at the Capital this week, but I
was there last week and then found
no purpose on the part of anyone
to strew the path of our Vt. U. & A.C
with briars. There may something
crop out yet but I doubt it.
I see that one of the "leaders"
of the House proposes something
handsome, but I fear the envy of
some poor d--l (that means when
fully written out ) will propose
a rider that will break it down that
is to say, will propose help for everybody.

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Universal generosity never does anything for
anybody in particular but sheds quarts
of tears for misery everywhere.
But the address--it good. I am
expecting the eclipse. But I trust no
dark body will get betwixt you and the
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
P.S. Pray pardon the moonstruck fancies
of the preceding. I sat up until I
had a full view.