Lillian Herrick Olzendam to Carrie Chapman Catt

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October 12,1919

Mrs Carrie Chapman Catt
New York

My dear Mrs Catt:

You will be interested to hear that I have just
returned from a trip to Rutland, the home of the Governor.
I had several opportunities to talk not only with the Senators
from that city, but also with one or two women who are on inti¬
mate friends with that gentleman and his family.

I was quite amazed when one of the latter assured me that
if we can surmount one obstacle, the Governor will not hold out
any longer but will call a special session!

The obstacle is this: he fears that if the legislature meets
they will attempt some further legislation besides ratification,
but the young woman was not at liberty to tell me the nature of
the measures contemplated. We looked up the state law on
the subject, and find that in calling an extra session the Gov¬
ernor is not empowered to make the call for one purpose only.
One of the senators told me that they feel sure that the senate
in the majority do not approve of any further legislation, but
whether by not concurring with the House they can prevent time
being spent in that body on to legislate, he did not
seem so sure.

However, I am expecting to have a conference with Chairman
of legislative Committee on Tuesday next, and I feel sure there
will be some way to get around this objection. If you can
give me facts in similar cases I shall appreciate it if you will
wire me care of Hotel Barre, Barre Vermont, by Tuesday noon.

On Oct.first I mailed letters enclosing petition slips
to all our friends in both houses, and the answers have been
coming in as fast as one could expect in this state. I have
signatures from over fifty members of the House and more than
a majority of the Senate—17. Our state treasury is very
low at the present time but I hope to be enabled to keep on the
job of getting signatures just as long as it seems necessary.

Thanking you for your encouraging letter of the second,

I remain,
Very sincerely yours,