Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, November 18, 1885

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Washington D.C. Nov. 18. 1885
My dear Sir:
I have your favor of April 12th
but of course it should have been Nov. 12th,
and have been to the War Department.
Lt. Coffin is very highly spoken of -- so
well that I have ventured in your be-
half to say that you would be content to
take him -- Gen. Drum stating that they
would rely much upon Lt. Miller's judgment,
and this before they knew he had com-
mended him. Coffin is not now available
but Ajdt. Gen. Drum said he would at
once make him so by ordering another

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officer to take his place. Drum I
this is quite ready to oblige me
as his family and mine are old
Now, if you agree with what
I have done, please send me
your formal request to the Secy of
War to have Lt. Coffin assigned
to duty accordingly.
Verey truly yours
Justin S. Morrill
Prst. M. H. Buckham,
Burlington, Vt.