Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, February 26, 1888

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WASHINGTON February 26, 1888.
My dear sir;
Your favor of the 23d inst.
was duly received. I confess
that my attention has not been
so much given to the subject of
Experiment Stations as would be
necessary for me to give you any
advice, and should rather trust
to you and our mutual friend
Miller, of Pomfret, and your agri-
cultural Professor, than to thrust
any of my opinions forward for

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I wish you had the 50 acres of
land, and wish that some liberal
Burlington friend would furnish
it. At the same time you must
be aware, of course, that if you once
get 50 acres of land it will be a
constant source of expenditure. It
cannot be managed, I fear, without
running you in debt.
I cannot, in consequence of
Committee meetings, call on the
Comptroller before next Thursday,
to see how he would construe the
act in relation to expending the
money as you suggest. I will

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call the attention of the Committee on Agriculture to the
other difficulty you suggest--that is the shortness of time,
and see what they will do about it, and will soon
write you again.
Very truly yours,
Justin S. Morrill
Presdt. M.H. Buckham
Burlington, Vt.