Lillian H. Olzendam to Frank G. Howland

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November 6th,1919
Hon. Frank G. Howland
My dear Senator:-

The Chairman of our Ratification Press work
has asked me several times if she might use the material con-
cerning the formation of your legislative committee and your
intention to call upom the Governor. Each time I have put
her off and advised her not to make those facts public until
I have your permission to do so. It has occurred to me that
perhaps you do not agree with me on this point and so I am
writing this to ask if you will be so good as to let me know
your opinion in the matter.

There is a strange misunderstanding among
some of the legislature as to the powers which will be given
the women of Vermont when the Federal Amendment is ratified
by the sufficient number of states----the last remark has
come from one of the more or less prominent ex-Governors of
the state----to the effect that even if we ratify, the women
of Vermont will not be able to vote for State Officers etc.,
until we adopt an amendment to that effect in 1923I I am
making arrangements to have the text of amendment together
with extracts from U.S.Constitution regarding same published
as widely as possible---perhaps we shall then meet with more
enthusiasm. The petition is rolling up but much more
slowly than I could wish---I find it almost impossible to
find the men at home when I call, although when I do find
them they always sign, and the appeals by mail are net re-
sponded to with much haste. Perhaps the effect would be
just as good if you were to take the names I now have without
waiting to get the full majority. Please advise me how you
feel about this matter.

Yours very sincerely,