Lillian H. Olzendam to Marion Stone Pelley

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Nov. 6, 1919
My dear Mrs Pelley:

The full meaning of the Federal Suffrage Amend-
ment is so widely misunderstood by our law-makers and others that
I have put down a few "plain facts" that he who runs may read,
and perhaps understand. I think it would be very good propa-
ganda to have the text of the amendment appear every week in week-
ly papers and oftener in dailies. I will also write out data
regarding same and ratification up to date and it seems as though
they cant refuse to use it.

You are doubtless champing at the bits to get
more information to give the papers concerning the special session
but I have yet to hear from Senator Howland and I hesitate about
"pushing him too far". I shall write him again today,however,
and will let you know just as soon as I have anything for publi-

I have made more trips to get signatures and invariably
get them when I see the men, but often they are away---the case
with four out of six I called on the other day. They do not
answer my appeals by mail well at all---altogether too slow for
comfort. I have very little patience with such deliberation.

I have’nt heard from you for a long time---I think I wrote
congratulating you on that splendid editorial in Free Press also
one in quotation marks a few days later. If I didn’t, I do
now---it was great. Our Club is going thru the throes of
re-organization and I shall be glad when it is all over. I hope
everything goes well with you and yours---am going to read that
anti-suffrage book of the *"Captain’s" soon as they get it in our
fiction library.

Best wishes to you both,
Sincerely yours,