Lillian H. Olzendam to John Spargo

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15 November, 1919
Mr. John Spargo
Old Bennington
My dear Mr. Spargo:-

Our State President, Dr. Horton, Has
sent me your letter in which you offer your services in
helping us to obtain the promise of a special session from
Governor Clement. We appreciate deeply your valued
interest in behalf of justice to the women of our country,
and sincerely hope that your cooperation will bring success.

Senator Frank G. Howland of Barre is Chairman of the
legislative committee which is to call upon the Governor
and formally ask for the special session, and he is waiting
for the opportune moment, which under the circumstances,
must be chosen with care and forethought! In talking
with the Senator this morning I mentioned your desire to
assist and I am sure he would be glad to hear from you on
the ways and means.

Please accept my congratulations and thanks for the very
fine letter you wrote the Governor; would it be possible to
allow our Publicity Chairman, Mrs W. D. Pelley, to use the
whole or any part of that letter for the Press? If more of
our prominent men would take the stand that you do, our battle
would now be won.

With regards to Mrs Spargo, I am,
Very sincerely yours,
Chairman of Ratification for Vermont