Lillian H. Olzendam to Frank G. Howland

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17 November, 1919
Hon.Frank G. Howland
My dear Senator:-

In thinking over the situation as outlined
by you over the phone last Saturday, it occurs to me that
when you see those persons "near the throne", so to speak,
it might be a good idea to give them something concrete to
report back to Headquarters, some facts which may have es-
caped the attention of the Governor and the knowledge of
which by chance cause him to and realize
that a special session would be the pleasantest way out of
a bad situation!

Therefore on a separate sheet enclosed you will find
the points which I trust may be conveyed in some way to
his attention. With the American Legion affair together
with the trial set for this week, one might think that
he would like to take advantage of any fair opportunity to
set himself right with the people of the State. Please
let me know the outcome of your interview, and if you desire
it will be considered confidential---at any rate, until you
give me permission otherwise. I wrote Mr. Spargo as I
said I would do, and you will probably hear from him.

Very truly yours,
Chairman of Ratification

Of course you know
and Maine have ratified this month
so we have more than half our quota!