Lillian H. Olzendam to Harriet W. Patterson

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Dec. 3rd, 1919
Mrs G. W. Patterson
Dear Mrs Patterson:

I am enclosing a letter which explains itself
inasmuch as the reply to my letter to the Representative from
Brookfield, Mr. Clark, is written on the back of same.

I notice that he heads his letter Randolph Center altho he is
supposed to represent Brookfield. Now I feel that if you or
one of your good co-workers could call on this and set
him right perhaps he will change his mind and sign the petition.
He makes altogether too sweeping a statement about the men and
women being antis, for in looking over the petitions that were
signed there last year I find a large number of names of both
sexes from not only Brookfield but also from R. Center.

A largrer percentage of men signed the petition in Randolph than
in any other town in the State, and my figures say that 56 women
and 26 men signed in Brookfield. Now that is surely a large
enough number to make any man sit up and take notice. He might
rather listen to one of his own townswomen on the subject.
I will enclose the petition slip with return envelope in case he
may be prevailed upon to change his mind. I note that Bertha
M. Luce, Olive M. Tracy, and Vernice Lovett are among the canvas-
sers in Brookfield, while you and Mrs Metzger got many names in
the Center.

Please let me know what success you have, as I crave every
name I can possibly get on this petition to the Governor.

Best wishes and kind regards,
Sincerely yours,