Lillian H. Olzendam to Ernest E. Moore

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December 22nd, 1919
Mr. Ernest E. Moore

My dear Mr. Moore:-
In order that full ratification of the Federal
Suffrage Amendment may take place in time for all the women of the
country to vote in Presidential Primaries it is vitally necessary
for Vermont to take its place among the 36 states.

Of course you realize that this can be accomplished but in one
way-- by our Governor calling a special session of the legislature
before February first, 1920.

The Committee on Ratification for the Vermont Equal Suffrage Asso-
ciation is most grateful for the assistance already given by our
splendid men, but we are obliged to ask your support in one more
effort to influence the Governor to call that session, by taking
part in our last whirl-wind drive to that end.

I am enclosing a petition, copies of which are going to those
men who besides being staunch friends of woman suffrage, we consid-
er the recognised heads of groups of our citizens in all walks of
life, asking them to sign the petition and forward same to well-
known men in their particular group or profession, they in turn to
repeat the process until the paper is filled with signatures, when
it may be returned to me at above address. For the purpose of sav-
ing time I ask you to have this letter enclosed each time with the
petition, if necessary to send by mail, thereby avoiding confusion
as to purpose and destination of petition. I am placing your name
at the head of the group of lawyers, and shall greatly appreciate
having the returns sent in at the earliest possible opportunity.

Thanking you for past favors, and relying on your cooperation
at this most crucial time, I remain,

Very truly yours,
Chairman of Ratification for Vermont