Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, December 3, 1890

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December 3, 1890.
My dear sir;
Your favor of the 30th. ultimo
has been received, and I am obliged
to you for the list of names that I had
before received from you.
I suppose that now there will be
no further trouble about your receiving
the funds appropriated by Congress.
If there should be and there is any-
thing that I can do in relation to it
please advise me.
I am astonished at the violence and

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Presd't M.H. Buckham,
Vt Un & State Ag. College
Burlington, Vt.

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mendacity of some of the newspapers
of our State in relation to College mat-
ters; but I do not think you should
be discouraged, for it cannot be possi-
ble that a party can live long which
resorts to such measures and modes
of proceeding as seem to have been
adopted in Vermont.
I do not know much about the new
men that have been put upon the Board
of Trustees, and although I do not
wish to subject you to constant labor
in keeping me informed, I should be very
glad to learn something in relation to their
character and how they came to be pre-
sented, as there does not seem to have
been any opposition to them from any
Very sincerely yours,
Justin S. Morrill