Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, January 21, 1891

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John Sherman,
Daniel W. Voorhees,
John P Jones,
John. R. McPherson,
William B. Allison
Isham G Harris,
Nelson W. Aldrich,
Zebulon B. Vance,
Frank Hiscock,
John G. Carlisle.
Benjamin Durfee, Clerk.
January 21, 1891
My dear sir;
Your favor of the 19th inst.
though unsigned has been received.
I am very glad that the assent of
the legislature went through all
right; although I was not able to
find it in the reports of this act of
the legislature. I will see the
Secretary of the Interior at the earliest
possible moment and ascertain what his
final conclusion is about the $16000. appro-
priation. Your plan is a good
one, but it seems to me it would very

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much embarrass your institution
to contract a debt of the kind
you mention. I really wish
there was somebody with means
and will sufficient in Vermont to
give the $40,000. It has
occured to me that under the
original act of 1862 you have a right
to use a certain amount of the funds,
but the percentage of the gross
amount received for Vermont is so
small that it would hardly answer
your purpose; and besides that I am
not sure that you would have the
legal right to do it without the
concurrence of the legislature. Perhaps

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you had better examine that question for yourself
or get some legal counsel in relation thereto.
I am glad you have so large a number of new
scholars, and I hope that the good sense of our
people will manifest itself before another legisla-
ture shall be elected.
Very truly yours,
Justin S. Morrill
Presdt M H Buckham,
Vt Un & State Ag. College