Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, December 8, 1873

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Washington D.C.
Dec. 8 - 1873
Pres. M. H. Buckham,
Burlington, Vt.
My Dear President: With
my colleage, Senator Edmunds, I
called upon the Secretary of War
this morning and, perhaps
fortunately, found him off
attending to his coming wedding.
Then we went to the Executive
mansion and I told the President
that I had got the bill for the
national colleges thro' in 1862,
that I had been working for
six years trying to get the

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assignment of a military
officer to give military in-
struction in the Vermont
University, and that while
everybody else had succeeded
in obtaining such an officer,
I had constantly failed.
He thereupon gave the order
at once to have Lieut. Rob-
inson assigned, as you
desired, and remarked: "It
has not taken six minutes
to accomplish the purpose
this morning."
Very truly yours,
Justin S. Morrill