Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, April 23, 1877

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Committee of Finance, U. S. Senate,
Washington, April 23, 1877.
My dear sir:
I never throw your letters
into the waste-basket un-read,
and certainly not such a one as
bears date April 21.
I am pleased to hear your
report of my boy, and have writ-
ten to him on the points sugges-
ted. I thank you for doing so
much to encourage him.
In relation to your candidate
for the future Professor of Greek

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I could say nothing but in
commendation of his temper,
and, so far as I have any right
to judge, of his qualifications.
I think, however, that he ought
to go abroad for at least one
year before entering upon any
such service. If he is to
make that his calling he can-
not afford to be a common
hum-drum professor, but should
be among the "stars". Nor do
I think it would comport with
his ambition to take such a
place at once and without a
little more finish to his Greek

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culture. There is but one
drawback in his case and that
is his diminutive size. He will
not command the respect of
the young men until they be-
come thoroughly acquainted. He
cannot capture it at first sight
and so far as discipline of the
college is concerned while his
course would be always con-
servative, & marked by good judg-
ment, it would inspire no
terrors; but he could only
govern by his genial, just and
upright administration. I
know nothing at all about

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what he might think of the
matter, or what the other
trustees of the Institution would
think. I know that he
has a place where he has
been which would give him
ample opportunities for historical
and other standard reading. Of
course he is no more deficient
in this respect than other young
men; but there are few men
who acquire very much historical
knowledge until they have at
least reached middle life.
Very Truly Yours,
Justin S. Morrill
Presd't. M. H. Buckham
I may add that he at once won the respect and love of James.