Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, February 12, 1874

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Washington D. C Feb 12, 1874
Prst. Buckham,
My dear Sir: Your favor of the 9 inst.
is at hand. I have written Col. J. B.
Mead of Randolph, urging him in his
lecture pilgrimages to spur on more
enthusiasm among all
of the
industrial classes
to acquire a more complete education,
and have suggested that Burlington is
now in a position to give that education.
Of course I did hint that I knew
he had exhibited a little hostility
to Burlington a week or two since.

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I see that the spirit of Middlebury
is up but the end there will be
only in words. The place is not
large enough to furnish means
for their relief. If we can steadily
keep the lead at no distant day
Middlebury must to save itself
join her fortunes with us, but
the local interest of the town
must be expected to be now
and always against any
removal of their pet lamb.
It is all they have got.
Any public discussion
of agricul. scholarship at
the University should be

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conducted with the utmost
prudence, or it will do more
harm than good. Show what
you are doing--how it will be
useful--and that it is more
than you are paid for in fact
by the Land fund. I suppose
this may be so. Show that you
are offering new branches
of Study. But I know you
understand this quite as
well as I can pretend to.
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill