Justin Smith Morrill to Matthew H. Buckham, October 30, 1876

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Strafford, Vt. Oct. 30, 1876
Prst. Buckham,
Burlington, Vt.
My dear Sir: Thanks for your
favor of the 26 inst. I note all you
say. I had hoped we might make
arrangements without further legislation
but I have not our charter here and
it may be impracticable. I see that
they expect to have a separate affair
and hold a place along side of us
like the Yale Scientific School at New
Haven or like the Agricultural Col-
lege at Hanover, and then avail

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themselves of our teachers in branches
outside of the Military Department,
and I suppose expect to permit
our students to share in their
drill and perhaps in mathematics.
I see no objection to this if we
only had proper buildings for
their accommodation. In the
winter and in stormy weather
we greatly need a Drillroom.
The proposition to have the
state send 28 pupils and
pay $225. for each is very well
but the state will not do any
thing of the sort I judge. At
least not at present. If the

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Institution was once united with
us, then its friends and our own
might perhaps squeeze something
out of the state, but the moment
this bill is presented I think it likely
that Middlebury will offer to take
the same number for nothing, or
demand an equal appropriation.
The President has strong friends and
the Speaker will look out for Mid-
dlebury. --These are the thoughts
which occur to me. If they were
only with us and all hands
could prepare the work at the
commencement of the Session
we might do something, but
P.S. Do they mean to have their Trustees take part in the business
of the Vt. un. & State ag. Coll? --I suppose not.

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it will ever be uphill business
I fear to obtain very much help
from the Legislature. I wish some
wealthy man would give us
$100,000. Then we would help
the State whether it helped
us or not.
As I leave for Washington
Tuesday, after voting, I am
of course full of necessary work
in getting ready, and do not feel
that it is possible to leave home for a
moment. I have even declined to address
the Legislature, and with all my cacoethes
loquendi judge ye what a sacrifice! I hope
you will be prudent in your negotiations, as
indeed I know you will, and at least keep
up friendly relations with the Legislature and
with the world.
Very truly yours
Justin S. Morrill