Lemuel Colton to Ruth Colton, 1833 February 12

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Sharon Feb 12 1833Dear Sister

it is with pleasure that I now embrace the opportunity of writing a few lines to you to enquire concerning your health it is a long time since that I have heard from you I have been expecting a letter from you for this some time but have been disappointed I would inform you that my health is very good at present and I hope to hear that yours is better I have no news to write to you Zebina and Lois are well and would be glad to have you come and live with them if you was a mind to if you should wish to come I will send you some money if you are able to ride in the stage or if you can get a chance to come any other way give my respects to Clark and Susan and tell him I am very much obliged to him for the answer he wrote to my letter give my respects to all enquiring friends you must excuse the shortness of this letter for time fails me so I must draw to close by subscribing myself

affectionate Brother till DeathL Colton


Miss Ruth ColtonJohnson Vermont