[Lemuel Colton?] to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher and Lydia Colton, 1840 February 18

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Rutland Feb 18 1840Dear Brother and Sisters

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I now embrace the opportunity of writing a few lines to you to inform you of my health which is verry good at present and I hope these few lines will find you enjoying the same blessing I received your letter the 15th of this month and was sorry to hear of the death of Brother Clark but we know that Death is the certain lot of all of us and that sooner or later we shall have to bow to the grim messenger and it behooves us to be also ready for it may come in a day and an hour when least expected and if we are prepared it will not be an unwelcome visitor for the sting is taken away and we can rejoice even in the agonies of expiring nature it was a great consolation to me to learn that Sister Susan died happy in the arms of Jesus and it is grievous to hear of the Death of our brothers or sisters or friends yet it gives me satisfaction to know that it is gain to them to leave this unfriendly world and the bright prospect of meeting them again before the Dazzling throne of God if I only continue faithful unto the end is my greatest joy Sister Lydia I hope that you live in the enjoyment of religion if you Do pray for me to the throne of grace and do not forget

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our friends that have no interest there

Sister Ruth do now whilst in health make a preperation for death for you have been called upon by sickness to see if you would bring forth fruits meet for repentance and Brother Andrew do not delay making your calling and election sure I do wish to urge on you all the importance of attending to these things immediately delays are dangerous and whilst we are a thinking that we will attend to these things the brittle thread of life may be cut asunder and our cases will be sealed up to the judgement of the great day give my love to Mary Pratt and Cornelius and Levi and tell them that although the dispensations of providence have been sore to them they have the promise of God himself that he will be a father to the fatherless and will not forsake them unless they forsake him I would inform you that Mother was well a few days ago, she stood the journey as well as could be expected and her health has been as good as usual since she has been here in this country Brother Shepard has built him a house and moved into it he bought in [      ] in this county he and his children were well Cousin [J] and family wish to be remembered by you give my respects to all enquiring friends you must excuse me at this time for I am in a haste so

a Dieu Dear Brother and Sisters

please write to me if you know or have heard from Brother Zebina and family and if not write to me again soon all that you know respecting Clarks children


Mr Andrew FletcherWaterville County VermontRutland MillsFeb 22