Betsey Verona Colton to Ruth Fletcher, 1850 April 28 and Moses S. Colton to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, undated

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Betsy V. Colton to Ruth Fletcher, 1850 April 28

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Otsego April 28 1850

Well Aunt Ruth has written to us at last to be sure it is a wonder I supposed you had forgotten us poor creatures away off in one corner of the world but a letter has reached us at last so I thought to haunt you with another piece of my scribling to let you know that we are enjoying our usual health at the present time and hope these few ill composed lines if they reach you will find you and your family the same But i suppose I must tell you what we are all about Carseldana is married again to one by the name of [Hiram] Holdridge and lives seven or eight miles from us Lyman has grown a tall slim fellow he is learning to be a shoe maker he is to slender to work on a farm so you see father and me are all alone I am keeping house for him yet for I like the name of Colton to well to change it for a trifle I should be glad to see you all but do not ever think that I shall when I look back to the time that we left vermont it seems almost like a dream I often think of my play mates some dead I suppose some married and gone it does hardly seem to me that I ever lived there It seems some times that I can almost see the place where my mother lies I am glad though seperated miles apart we can write to each other although my writing is so poor for I have had a very poor chance for education since I came here though I can read and my writing is here to show for it self poor indeed I have not been to school much for a great while I have lived at home all my days I have not worked out but very little Grand ma is yet living she is now eighty one year old she is spending a few days with me she says if I could only see my chidren once more but I never shall her health is not very good tho she sits up most

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of the time uncle Lemuel and family are well [       ] they live [eight] miles from us he made sugar with us this season we made six hundred pounds in all we have got a yoke of oxen two cows two yearlings two calves ten sheep our land all paid for but you will say we are poor enough I say so too though we have a good [living] we had a good many peaches and a few apples last fall but you that live in an old settled country dont know the value of fruit as we do here in the woods you will say in the woods to be sure by my style of writing and spelling but I do not run wild quite I [have] not got to be anything but a yankee yet if uncle did get an [     ]wife give my love to those little tell them that I should be very glad to see them there is uncle Andrew I would like to see him and Maria to I have not forgotten her give my respects to Almira Susan Maria Melinda there is lots of my old play mates that I could mention all forgot me I suppose O there is told [    ] got at last now if I should come luck there would be a chance for me Give my best respects to Mary tell her that I wish her much joy and hope she has chose a good companion I shall be glad to have her write to me I would answer her my best love to aunt Lydia how glad I should be to see her and all the rest of you tell her to write to me Carseldana is about as large as aunt L was when we left there while I weigh one hundred and twenty you must write as soon as you receive this let us know how you prosper tell C and L I have not forgot them tho I supose they know but little about me we have got twenty five acres down on our place I like this country very well but I should like to came back and see the folks but I must draw my scribble to a close for want of room

so goodby for this timeBetsey V Colton

do write often tell aunt L to come here and live with us but if we meet not in this world may we meet in that upper and better world where friends are not called to take the parting hand remember me in your prayers

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Please direct your letter to Richland Stuben Co for that post is nearer to us

Moses S. Colton to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, undated Respected Brother and Sister

I now take pen in hand to inform you of my health which is tolerable good at this time and hope these few lines will find you and your family enjoying the same blessing I have nothing of importance to write We have had but three or four inches of snow this winter none scarcely to cover the ground since the first of Feb. wheat looks fine I have six acres this is a fine country to produce but not a verry good market I can live better here than I ever did in Vermont we can have pork here all the year you can stay where you are and wade in the snow and handle the pitchfork all the time if you are a mind to Wild land price from $2.50 to 4.00 Improved tolerable cheap wheat now seventy five cts Corn 25--potatos 25 Give my respects to all my old neighbors to Uncle Lewis and Mr Thomas in particular and their families tell Mr Thomas that I and all of my children are trying to live a Christian life and are members of the Regular Baptist church Lyman was baptized the 31 [March] Give my respects to Lydia and wish she was here Mother says she never expects to see you again but hopes to meet up yonder It matters but little where we be or how long or how short our life is if we are only prepared and Oh, Dear Brother and Sister Let us so live that we may be heirs of God joint heirs with Jesus Christ to an inheritance incorruptible [undefiled] which fadeth not away that this may be our lot Let us ever pray Write to us the state of your minds and More about our old Neighbors Let us ever remember that Death is on our track and will soon overtake us I should be glad to see you once more but probably never shall but may we meet in that world of spirits to part no more

Yours [  ]M.S. Colton


Andrew FletcherWaterville Vt.Lamoille Co Vermont[Mets] IaMay 20