Andrew Craig Fletcher to Ruth Fletcher, 1866 November 24

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St. alban. Nov.24./.66Dr Mother

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I now take my pen in hand to write you a few lines. My health is very good and am enjoying myself very well you have not me since I left home you no doubt are verry busy just now and cannot see any [chance] to an absent boy. I feel as if my time was almost to a close here over two thirds work off anyway so it looks short they are afraid I shall go away next year I can see through them like a book. The other day Stewart and I were in the store

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he knows that I have had an offer to go to New York so he commenced by telling what place it was for a young man to go to he said he would not have a boy of his go to New York if he could get (5000.00) per year and then went on to tell me why he thought I suppose I could not see through him he probly thinks I shall stay here if I dont go he is a very nice man but he must show his rocks as I cant serve him after March 20

What is the news at home is their anything new

How is my Calf doing is he growing nicely a certain man in this town that wants to pay him I told him I should not take less than $100.00 dolls for him he has one that looks like him some I wish he could be kept nicely this winter for I can make some money out of him yet

But I must Close this missive Hoping to hear from home soon

from your SonA.C. Fletcher