Lemuel Colton, Jr. to Ella Fletcher and Lemuel Colton to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1868 December 27

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Lemuel Colton, Jr. to Ella Fletcher, 1868 December 27 Decmber the 27 1868at homeDear cosin Ela

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i take the opportunity to answe you letter i reseive abought fore week ago i have ben so buysy tha i diding get time to write i wish you happy Newyear i am taching school this winter abought ten miles from home i came hom a Chrismas eavning i went to a party i had a good time i was to [      ] school last Night Father & Mother is well at present sleying is very poor here i hand three or fore sley rides this winter i have abought twenty Scholars that comes

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to School to me i went to School last Sumer i got kict last fall and i was laid up litle while i thought i would never get overe it but i am abought over it well Ela i thank you for writing me to come out and see you but i cant come out this winter you must come out and see us well Ela i must bring my leter to a close fore i have to my School to day you must excuse all my writing fore it is Sunday Morning So more no more fore this time you truly Ela write Sone as you can Ela Fletcher

from you cosinLemuel Colton Junior

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Lemuel Colton to Andrew and Ruth Fletcher, 1868 December 27 (?) Dear Brother & Sister

I embrace the opportunity of writing a few lines to you as Lemuel is writing to Ella to inform you of the death of Brother Shepard he died the 7th of last March in hopes of a glorious immortality and has gone to his new and Lyman & his family & Verona and her were well a few days ago we enjoy tolerable health at present but have got to be verry infirm there has been a survey for a Rail Road here and it runs across one corner of my farm we should be verry glad to see you out here but are unable to come out there we have a comfortable home

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and have raised enough the past season to make us comfortable and ought feel thankful for it we are better off for a living then I ever expected to be but am reminded that my race is almost over but it does not matter when if we are prepared to meet God in peace I should have wrote to you of the death of Brother Shepard but suppose that Lyman had wrote give my love to Sister Lydia and family and tell them that we should be verry glad to see them out here the coming sumer we have to live alone this winter as Lemuel is a teaching school I will have to close for the present write as often as you can

Your Brother and SisterLeml & M Colton