Catherine Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, no year February 13

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BurkeFeb 13Dear Children

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we have looked for a letter from you for a of weeks but have looked in vain I would like to know the reason I wrote Craig sometime ago no reply but hope to hear from you soon my health is better than when I wrote last I do not work much Josie is comeing to sew for me next week

we had an invitation last week to Carlton Elis wedding did not go

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Bently was sick with a cold he married Lizzie Stanly we had a letter from Ed about the midle of Jun saying they were all well Carlie was recovering from lung feaver Oh how I would like to see you all this winter has been very lonely winter to me it is very diferant in Mothers house this winter from last the friend are well as usual uncle Ezekiel is about the same I rec a letter from Moses he say Lydia still thinks she shall live to see us all again have you rec any papers from us this winter a very mild winter very little snow I must close hoping to hear from you soon

Love to allMother