Catherine Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, no year February 28

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Wedensday morningFeb 28Dear Children

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you probily think ere this I am negligent not writing you but the fact is there is little news to communicate we are well as usual B is trying to leave off tobaco it tells on him I dont know whither his grit is suficient for the imergancy or not I have not used any for the last 2 months

Mrs Geo Lewis had a nice boy babe for her 40 birth preasent this is the first Mother is quite well this winter she dont go out any

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we are having a few bright days but cold east wind and plenty snow drifts I cannot write much B is hurrying me he is going to the office

I send Katie a piece of my dress I think she will say how homely this is I dont think she is mistaken

write on receipt of this let us know how you are and when you will come home

Love to allMother