Catherine Smith to [Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher?], no year April 10

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Thursday morningApr 10Dear children

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I will tell you how I am getting along they all say I am recovering as fast as I can expect altho the time seems long this is the 4 week, you know this is a long time for me to be idle the wound is partly healed I am gaining slowly in strength think I shall be all right in a few weeks I have the best of care I think my health will be much improved by the removal of so much bad blood Sams health is quite poor some days he keeps his bed other days he is round the house

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George is moveing into the house where Orin died Jane stops with sams family she thinks of learning dressmaking her health is very poor have you made any sugar not much made here yet I want to see you all hoping to hear from you soon


Lucy says she is washing dishes and making butter love to all

To Peter To Peter A good name is more lasting than shining gold


to peter to To P [    ]A To Peter A good name is more lasting To Peter A good name is more