Catherine Smith to [Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher?], no year April 22

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Dear Children

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yours of the 15 came to hand in due time glad to hear you wer well [  ] and wife intend to stay untill August he has taken a sugar place on shares they will not visit us again untill after spring work is done they are going to help Henry P William says he wants to see you before he goes back he thinks you ought to come part way if you get a letter from Edward soon send it to us as we are

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anxious about him I dont take much alarm at Rills letters you know she is easely discouraged if E has any health he can get a living in Cal much than here it is thought by every one that is acquainted in Cal the pan buisness is good if he will give it a trial B is trying to get some one to carry the milk to the factory this summer Oscar has partly promised too B has hired a big Irishman for the season if the hops are not all winter killed he will have plenty to do and but a short time to call spring as it is pretty wel advanced we want to see you all expecially Katy I shall be glad when she can write

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we shall expect letters often I wish she was here this evening I must close hoping to hear from you often

Love to all an a kiss for petMother
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Sarah Langdon has a daughter they have moved to Ft Covington