Catherine Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, no year August 17

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BurkeAug 17Dear children

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I will pen a few lines that you may know I am some better than when I last wrote you I hope to grow strong as the weather grows cool to day it is raining a thing very much needed the first in 4 weeks B is in hopes it will improve the hops for the ground never was dryer the old hops unsold but hope to get a price for the new ones the yield will be small how do you get along making butter how much can you sell it per. lb. we have not sold any worth mentioning no sale Sam health is very poor they take Orin death very hard

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I was sory to hear of Ella poor health but not disapointed tell me how she is we shall expect you all this fall to visit us in your next tell us when towe may expect you Our fair will be Sept 30 Oct 1,2 we rec a letter from Edward a few days ago he did not write much they were well he complains of dull times Lucy and B are to church this afternoon she does not go away from home much but pecks away at the housework very diligently she has rec several letters from her friends since she has been here I dont think she has ever written to any one but you she says you owe her one I must close hoping to hear from you soon

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I shall expect a letter from Kattie and Carry