Catherine Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, no year October 20

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BurkeSunday Oct. 20Dear children

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I have ben expecting to see or to hear from you for a long time but have thus far looked in vain but hope I shall not look in vain much longer it has rained the last 2 days without ceasing last night it commencd to snow to day the ground is white last week we bought some stones for Mother grave around the top is an Oke leaf reath inscribed under neath, at rest, I miss her very much I do not go to the old house very often I suppose you have your house cleaned and things ready for winter if so you are

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a head of me Lewey wife has been sick for several weeks Mary stays at home to take care of her I have done alone have you sold your butter we have most of ours about 20 70lb tubs I think B will will sell this week

every thing is very lo except potatoes last week they sold for 65 cents per bushel we had 100. [co] bushels have not sold any yet we have not heard a word from Ed since I wrote you Crag was your barly good B has just thrushed his he had [46] bushels the grasshoppers harvested 2 acres of wheat they did not leave a head I want you to write on receipt of this

love to allMother