Edward C. Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1873 May 20

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ChateaugayMay 20th 1873Bro. & Sis.

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Yours was received here in due time and glad to hear from you think that Standish must have got things mixed a little by what you say ask him how much Canada whiskey he threw up after he left St. Johns I told him on the square the whole thing but I told others a different story to elude them for all have to ask a great many questions concerning my [wound] which is now all right. Enclosed you will find order on Willey for the money if he has collected it will send the wagon matter to [Raymon] tomorrow. Craig If you have not sent my sugar 6 Lmbs.

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direct it to C.D. Silver Holyoke Mass and if he has good luck in selling it he will send to you for more If you have not sent my notes collect M.H. Saffords John Barrets and send to me. You will see by your account on my Boot that the Order from Mudgett on you is not on to the amount of $15.50 I have it and will receipt [forit] and send to you We are all well and Rillie sends love to you all let me hear from you often and oblige

Yours in love &CE.C. Smith