Catherine Smith to Henrietta and Andrew Craig Fletcher, 1873 September 8

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BurkeSept 8 73My Dear children

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I presume you think mother is very negligent not writing you I have been expecting to go and see you I thought I would not write untill I could set the day for the last few days I have been quite unwell am better now Mother is quite poorly I do not like to leave when she is on the decline she thinks she will be better soon she has failed a great deal since you was here she says she is feeling better to day which I hope will continue we have not herd from Ed but once

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since you was here he is in great want of money I will send him some soon for the last few days we have a great deal of wind and some rain the consequence is our harvesting is not done yesterday I took 15 bushels of apples to the cider mill to be ground

Dr golden was buried one week ago also Jean Mc Henzie the rest of the news I will tell you when I see you which I trust will be before long if nothing happens

love to allMother