Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1873 November 30 and Invoice for [Hack Raymon?], 1873 December 1

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Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1873 November 30 SacramentoNov 30th 1873My Dear Sister

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Your last favor was duly received to my great disappointment for it had been so long since I last heard from you that I had given up all hopes of ever hearing again but remember that although I am now poor and depend on my daily labor for grub I allways appreciate a letter from my sister. I have just returned from a trip down the coast where I have been to introduce my pans and I find that they take well and as soon as the season opens I will put in a lot and I hope to make sale of territory as soon

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as they become known You say that Wells is going to teach your school this winter now Sis dont let this chance slip if there is a possibillity to trustee the district and secure that note or a part the note is yours and by all means see either Heath & Powers and go for it at once before some one else gets the start this will doubtless be my only chance dont say a word to him about it unless it is necessary to make the demand but put the papers on without any ceremony You say that Craig has the money from Willie but has paid $28. to Hagar & $7 to[Nor] I think Raymon a cussed hog he did some business for me

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you remember before I left & he told me he would only charge barely enough to make day day wages and according to your letter he charged $9. & now $7 more does he not remember the little deeds of Kindness which I have done for him in helping him to learn the constable business also in helping him to beat Adams by witnessing their land trade but if he will sell himself so cheap I am glad to know his price I want you to collect this bill from Hack tell him I think the family have made enough out of me on fees so they can pay some back. Well Sis the most news I have to write is

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we have a little girl six weeks old to day and the fatest baby you ever saw you want that Rillie should tell you how she is and she says tell you that she has not taken a drop of medicine nor had a stitch of help since we came here the tenth day after baby was born she was about the house doing chores what do you think of that If she gains as fast for the year to come as she has for the last six months I will feel as though I was well paid for the money I have paid out in coming to this coast notwithstanding

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I have spent my last dollar thus far but I can make more when I read your last letter & you told of your throat troubling you I said to myself now if I had the money to spare I would at once send to her and bring you to this country & I know that you would be entirely cured only think of our winter to day it is exactly like May with you rained all night last night cleared off this morning the sun came out the larks are singing grass springing up and everything is lovely. My opinion is that if you would sell out & come here

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that in less than five years you could make double what you can there besides gaining your health which is worth more than money I wrote Craig while at the Bay to secure all the sugar he can and send to me in the spring for I am making market for it have [even] got a room engaged to store it in I can make a good thing for him if he will send it I would like as many of the two & four ounce cakes as he can get for they will sell the best also a lot of syrup in cans. I have him several times to know whether he could do any thing with Cal wine but as he has never

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writen [  ] am yet undecided whether to send a sample or not I wish he would write me and tell me who has paid and who has not when is Hen Holme's note due and can you get it for me when due through some of his friends. I sent the account against A. Cornell to Powers & [    ] a long time ago with orders to sue & send writ to Craig to serve but have never heard a word from them [   ] Doane has an acct to collect for me but like the rest of my agents in Vt. dont write I am going to send each of them a postage stamp & some paper Tell the Dock & L.L. Smith that I have writen them

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but they fail to reply which is anything but genteel to say the least. There are a great many things I would like to ask you but as I have covered two sheets must stop and before I close I will make a request and that is to write on receipt of this & send me all the funds you can for I need them much. I am in hopes that as soon as spring opens to realize from the Pans so I will not be so short. Look well to that matter with [Wells] We all join in sending love to you all Sis if you want to cure your throat come here

Your Aff BroEd

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Invoice for [Hack Raymon], 1873 December 1

H.W. Raymon To E.C. Smith Dr

Oct 10th
To [Service] on Stinehour $3.60
" [Service] on Labidle $2.20

Friend Hack

Please pay the above to Mrs. A.C. Fletcher and oblige

Most Respectfully YoursE.C. SmithSacramento, CalDec 1st 1873