Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1874 February 2

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SacramentoFeb. 2d 74My Dear Sister

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I have been very for a number of days to hear from either you or Craig but as I have not I will drop a line and inquire whether Craig has sent the sugar or not if so did he direct to me or Hopkins I hope it is on the road for it will sell well just now Our little girl is better than when I wrote before although she is not yet out of danger the neighbors all thot we would loose her and had it not have been that Rillie was one of

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the best nurses in the world we certainly would. I never saw Rillie so free from pain and sickness as she is now and has been for the last four months how I wish you could try this climate and see if it would not have a good effect on your throat and lungs. In your last you said nothing about the posibillity of geting any thing out of Wells or rather the district on that note now sis as I have said before if there is the least chance dont let it pass for no one knows when there will be another and I am as poor and as needy as he is and work a great deal harder to get a living I would not say any thing to him

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about it but supprize him with a writ and trustee the district Do you know the address of Mc Masters if so give it to me so I can send him a receipt in full has Levi got over his lameness and how is every body do you have a good trade & c tell me all the news. it is raining hard to day and the wind! the wind! Do you suppose you could do any thing with dried figs I can get them by the sack for 15. cts per lb. they are splendid for pies and preserves & cooking I hope Craig will be able to send me a large quantity of sugar this spring for it will sell well and we can make a good thing off from it as soon as it reaches here

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I can get advances on it so I can remit back in a short time Be [shure] & write on receipt of this and tell me about the Wells matter also the prospects of collecting the Holmes note Love to you all

Your Aff BroEd