Ashley Dixon to [Andrew Craig?] Fletcher, 1876 August 4

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Underhill Center, VtAug 4 1876Dear Fletcher

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I am in the jaws of despond this morning-- or as Teacher would express it "on the ragged edge"-- I cant get business to arrange as to enable me to join the excursion Tuesday.- Bro [atty] Davis is just married and like all such fellows his world is narrowed down to 2 inhabitants - he cant consider my pleasure and so refuses to adjourn hearing in the County Court Reference -- I cant go. but remember your "Uncle Dudley" and also dont forget that as you

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are enjoying the Society of [   ] of your excersion party I would [ ] if I could.- Please present my regards to your good wife. I would send a cart load of my youthful affections but I know you would scatter it promiscuously-- while I keep it in reserve for _____ well - Prouty is blue this a.m. he wanted me last eve to tell any outsider that Fletcher offerd him $1500, in exchange. - what for did not have time to ask - Cant lie for any body. in this centennial year you know Craig we must remember the great-good-glorioius George Washington and his little hatchet - no cant lie.-

Yours to keepAshley C. Dixon