Catherine Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1881 January 23

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SanjoseJan 23 1881My ever dear daughter

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I have been looking anxiously for a line from you but thus far I still look hoping for the best I wish you could look upon us this beautiful sabbath day every thing bright and green grass and grain 3 or 4 inches high the trees begining to bud quite a number of varieties of flowers are in blossom.

The farmer rides his gang plow turning up furowers of black earth which waft a of perfume as you pass by

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there has not been a night this winter (if winter you may call it) but what you might hear the croaking of the frogs in fact you can hear them all the year I have enjoyed myself well since I have been on this coast better perhaps than I shall for time to come Edward expects to go onto the road selling goods if he do it will be very unpleasent for himself and family it is very hard for a man to get a paying position here a great many men left there homes and came here to make a little money that cannot get enough to leave get back home. I dont know how long I shall remain here probily untill the weatheres is settled at home if my children were settled here I should like to live here the cold

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winter is wiped out intirely Sanjose is called the garden of Eden it is rightly named farming pays well fruit raising is good buisness I passed an almond Orcherd the other day the owner said his net profit this year was $12,000 but enough of this.

my health is very good altho I am not very strong Ed is troubled with a pain in his head and back Rilla is having a bad time with congestion of the lungs not confined to the bed can sit up most of the time the children are well I want you all to write Katie has never written me a word since I came here I hope to hear soon and all about that little vermonter

I am as ever your lovingMother

remember me to all friends go by

Ed and wife send love to all