Catherine Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1882 February 26

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SanjoseFeb 26 1882Dear daughter

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your favour of Jan 25 came to hand in due time the reason I have not replyed before is the eve of Jan 23 I fell from a stool and struck my side on the top of a chair I was not able to leave the bed for 9 days this is my first attempt at writing my hand is rather shaky I am improving rapidly Ed took me out for a ride yesterday he has been round town for the last week has been suffering from a boil his

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head and back has not troubled him as much as usual for the last month the rest of the family are well

The winter here has been very cold for 2 months the ground was white with frost sometime ice could bee seen on the north side of buildings where watter stood snown could be on the mountains for 2 or 3 weeks the loss of cattle and sheep is great they died from starvation meat of all kind is very high last night we got a warm rain this morning the grass begins to look green

The Baptist tabnercle burnt last night a short distance from us the best church in the city, an Incendiary fire of course

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In your last you speak of my comeing home as none of the reast have ever mentioned it nevertheless I shall go as soon as the weather will be settled, if I can get money enough I have been oblige to pay out considerable on acount of sickness I shall write home to day for it as for company I shall probily find some one like myself wants a travailing companion I rec a short letter from my dear sister saying she was so crushed with grief she could not write but hoped she should meet us all in the east

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Tell Craig I will send him some Alfalfa seed in time for sowing write on receipt of this I expect the girls are getting to be quite large and are learning to play I hope to see all before long, kiss baby dear for me,

much love to allMother