Angie Day to Katherine Fletcher, 1883 May 6

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Georgia [Plains] VtApril May 6 [1883]Dear Katie

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I received your letter in dew time. and was very glad to hear from you. I would have answered before if I had known what I am going to do this summer I have not hired out yet Cousin Charlie has not found Anyone yet they have sent to Enosburg Falls, for An Irish girl I think if she comes she will be here this month I cannot stand to do the work I have stayed here 7 months and [it is all I can do as to get along with the work now] and they are h going to have a dery of 16 cows soon they have 3 little children the oldest is [  ]only 3 years old so you see I have had something to do to take care of them

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Well Katie how is your Mother is she Well

You wanted me to write the price I was going to ask this summer I dont think I shall be able to get over$1.50 cts if I do that I am not very well all the time but tell your mother she need not want for me I would be very glad to go if she could wait but it is [      ] When I can get away from here perhaps I can go in a week and perhaps not 4 I shall leave here as soon as they get someone so you see how it is

Who works for you for a man this summer and where is [     ][Reymore and] Henry. And does George Meeder Wait on Elson I [hrid] he did you see it is nessesary that I should know. I did not[use] to think I could write with a baby in my arms but now I have got it Well learnt so I can do anything now. When one gets to squalling the others are [ready] so you see we have free music

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and a great plenty of it-

Well Katie I would be very glad to see you and the rest but I can not tell when it will be please tell mother how it is I will not hire out if she wants the mork for me I can come in 2 weeks and perhaps not as soon shall leave here as soon as [there] other girl comes they will be willing to give [$3.] per week to get some good girl I cannot stay here any [way] if I dont live with you. [               ] Brett was not any better yet

now Katie write again and let me know about going to you place and set the fact in I dont Want to [disapoint] your father in the time I can go because I dont know my self

Cant you answer Write off as soon as you get this the Baby is so cross I cant write--decent they have gon to a Funral over to the [    ] Milton so you will excuse me wont you please

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I stoped and saw [       ] Organ the last time I was at home Well it is pretty looking enough that is all I [   ] to say.

Are you taking music Who teaches your summer school and are you going How is Carrie can she play any.

Well I hope you will get along finely in music Oh is Henry Westen Well I expect you know from what I heard About thoes [      ] I [got] them most done and did not finish them I have not been at home long enough since but if you have not got any I Will finish them and send them as soon as I have any time and you can have them in Welborne

Well Katie I have written you a good long Letter and hope to get an answer soon pleas excuse all mistakes and bad writing

Your loving friendAngie

Give my love to your folks and write soon Angie S Day Georgia Plains Vt Write Write soon