Catherine Smith to [Edward C. Smith?], 1884 March 3

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BurkeMarch 3, 1884Dear Son

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I improve this oportunity to pen a few lines to you hoping you will excuse my half sheet for it is all I have the first of last week it was quite warm and pleasent untill Thursday about 2,0 clock a black cloud arose in the west in a few moments the are was filled with snow acompanied with a morth west wind which continued to blow untill Saturday night all of the north and south now are full no sleighing on the east and west roads which is bad for B buisness he hauls his lumber for his building 9 miles little chance to do much on snow

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Monday B comences sawing his wood if the weather is favourable

The friends are as well as usual Jane school has just closed she will teach this summer about 12 miles south of Malone the coming summer Jessie will teach in Bangor if her mother is able to spare her did you rec a packedg of things for baby I mailed them some 4 week ago I have not herd from a word from them but hope they reached you all right I am quite anxious to hear from you all there is considerable sickness amoung children here mostly scarlet feaver Eddie often speaks of uncle [    ] and Rhett he is growing tall I must close hoping to hear from you and your soon

with much lovemother