Willis Hubbard to [Katherine Fletcher?], [circa 1884] June 2

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Fargo D.T.June 2n.d.Dear friend

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your kind and welcome letter was duly received. Was very glad to hear from you as I was begining to think that the Vermont folks had all forgotten me. Was sorry to hear that you had been sick. hope you are able to go to school now. you ask what I find to buisy myself about. have been working on a farm for the last two weeks. When I first came here I did not know a person in the place. Fargo is quite a pleasant place in summer In 1870 there was but one house in the town a half breed shanty

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and now there is a population of twelve thousand. There is eight or ten churches three opera houses thirty hotels over fifty licenced saloons and more stores than you could count in a day. Do not say any thing about being a poor penman and as for composition Cora can help you about that. You may keep that mitten if you wish but I think you ought to send me something as a keepsake a lock of your hair or something of the kind. It seems a long time since I left home but I cannot see why time should hang so heavily with you. I think you must have been mistaken about the rain drops I never would send any

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thing but sunshine. you talk as if you had only seen me a very few times. I must close as my arm is so tired I can hardly hold my pen. I do not want you to write a short letter because I have and please write soon as I am going to Montana in about two weeks.

For ever your friendWillis S HubbardFargoDT