Willis Hubbard to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 November 23

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Jeffersonville VertNov 23, 1885Dear friend Katie

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I went down to see Allie a week ago Friday night and when I got back Sunday found your welcome letter waiting for me. Was very much surprised to find that I am the subject of your French description, but you certainly dont mean

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it. you are right Allie not visiting the Whit's any more, he and Gertie have disolved partnership. Al showed me two letters that G wrote to him, one of which contained one of her lies about me. She said that my folks were anxious that I should go with her so that he (Al) l would catch on to my sister (jealous you see) and that she should not go with me although she had had many chances.

The following sentence has been crossed out with pencil, possibly by Katherine.

All of it

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is as big a lie as old Uncle Rob could tell himself. I never asked her to go any where with me and my mother would disown me if I did,

The following clause has been crossed out with pencil, possibly by Katherine.

she dont like the breed. I am afraid that Allie is getting unsteady since he left Cambridge, he took five girls out riding that Saturday afternoon that I was down there. Well as I am in a hurry guess I will close.

Please write soon. I remain as ever your true friend


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The following passage is in a different hand, probably Katherine Fletcher's, and in pencil.

The Robt. Whitcomb "lies" were well known - "Racing his mare on ice one day in haying was one & the hag he had "that weighed 711 or 1107"- anyway it came to over $200.

Alie Perham was my 2ond cousin

O, but we were but 13 or 14!