Carrie Fletcher to Katherine Fletcher, 1885 December 8

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JeffersonvilleDec 8, 18853 aclock in theAfternoonDear sister-

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I have all my lesson so I thought I would write to you glad Miss Beaman is coming home with you I will come to the depot with Papa when you get here we will go up to Mr Homes to the sing Saturday night if you would like to Bertha Perman was up here the other evening it is very cold here to day how is auntie have you been down to see her I will have a good fire in your room when you get here what time did you

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get up there Mon- night your letter was very interresting I study Reed's and Kellogs Small Grammer I think it is very nice Mamie sits with Ethel it is the first we have heard of our keeping Hotel Rhett goes to school every day I like our school very much you may bring me some paper if you can our teacher is very nice she goes home every friday Night you must write to me after a (nice) a letter a this I read in fith reader it is all-most as good as a story book. dont you think so

with much loveCarrie

(Mamma was to tierd to write)


Miss Kate FletcherJohnsonVtJEFFERSONVILLEVT.