Katherine Fletcher to Family, 1885 December 19

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Johnson, V.t.Dec. 19, 1885.Dear Mamma, Papa and children:- or "Folks at Home:"-

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Today being Sat. and as I have time will write to you. I have just finished up my room work and was about to go down to the office, but I see the morning mail has not come in yet, but that I will have time to write a letter before I go down. We have now finished the Arithmetic work in "C" and take Book Keeping the remainder of the term. We have had three days examination's this week

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which closes them except one the last week. We do not ever get the papers back, only the reports from them the last day. The papers are handed to Miss Oakes to mark; and then given to Prof. C. The examinations Wed. and Thurs. took all one afternoon the one Fri. was not as long. During the three day's I wrote about 20 sheets of the yellow school paper. Most of the work was explaining dif parts of arithmetic to children, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, to the younger class of children, and Greatest Common Divisor,

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Pages 3 and 4 of the original are missing.Page 3 of the transcription picks up at page 5 of the original.

I commenced to cry made a perfect "imp" of myself I know I did. But then there are many that do the same thing every day. The scholars in the "B." are to have a little entertainment at the Hall Tuesday afternoon, it being Fore-fathers day. They chose the best in the "C" to have with them. Most of thier exercises are to be historical events of our fore-fathers and stories of thier lives. They have chosen me. & assigned me the life of John Alden to learn. Every one is invited. I am going to get mine this afternoon. I made a mistake when I told you I had been here only seven weeks

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besides Thanks-giving week, but when I looked over my paper I saw I had been here 8 weeks. for I came the 12th of Oct. Sorry I told you wrong. I was here the three days in all during thanksgiving and Mrs. [Tracey] said she thought she should have at least $1. for it, I thought you would think that was perfectly just, so I paid it to her. I have besides my board paid out for one thing and another .44

There was a entertainment given here last evening with views, It was called a journey around the world in eight days, I went with D.H. though the lecture was good, still

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Have seen better. I also went to the sociable last night at the Baptist vestry. After the entertainment last night Elma and Kate with two others [promenaded] the streets until it was somewhat late, Mrs Story knew they did not come in early and I guess as well as they do that they will hear from it. You need not think I was with them, for I came right into the house. They are going to have some-thing at the hall Friday afternoon and evening and I am "in a pickle" to know wheather to come home or not, just as you say, and think. I dont want you to get me anything christmas

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only the children. If I don't come home you must if you can, and I guess you can, come up to Aunt Ella's this next week; come so as to go up to school.

I believe if I could possibley come here next term I should be the "happiest girl in creation" it will make a break if I cannot come. If I don't come home Thus. n't. I shall not very likely come until school is out, don't think I had better for I get more time when I stay over. Hope to hear from you sometime,

I remain, Yours truly--Katie E. Fletcher