Edward C. Smith to Henrietta Fletcher, 1886 March 14

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JONES & CO.121 and 123 Market StreetSan FranciscoMch 14th 1886My Dear Sister

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Your last letter was received by me one week ago on my arrival from the south and then I thot I would answer at once but I was called away again and so you were neglected but now I will try and pen a few lines to night for I will be off again tomorrow and will not be at home much for a month. Marilla and children are very well Did you Know that [Bess] Rust from Burke was living with us has been here since last fall we pay her 15 Dolls per month for doing our house work and she says this is more than she could earn back there teaching school.

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good girls finds good paying jobs here at house work at present for the Chinaman must go. I was out to my ranch yesterday and find business progressing finely we are now milking 57 cows and rasing about 50 [     ] and somewhere in the neighbourhood of 150 hogs and there is such good feed that the cows are milking very heavy and we are making lots of butter altho it is low 18. to 20, cts. we employ three men at 25 Dolls per month the butter which we make is as fine as any thing made in Vt. We will try and run our stock up to an hundred cows another year

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I bought me a very fine colt in Jan he will be three in June Jet black and a fine stepper he cost me 200. Dolls so I now keep in town 2 horses and as fine a Durham cow as I ever milked So this compells me to Keep a [hostler] who besides taking care of the stock keeps the yard and flowers in order. the country never looked finer than this season the grain is from one to two feet high and the whole couintry is in bloom. I wish I had time to spare I would take a trip East for the fare is to $28.00 to New York but I cant see any way clear

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You ask me whether Bent has ever sent me any thing that was mothers I answer no. nothing. We [    ] that it was mothers wish that I should have her silver spoons and shawl, which you can send by mail have them registered and they will come all right did you take the spoons or did Bent keep them. You had better sell the land as soon as possible or if you want to keep it say what you will give in cash for my part I do not beleive that we deeded away our entire interest in mothers share of the farm when we deeded to Bent for we certainly could not deed away what we had no right to have you looked the matter up thoroughly

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Tell Katie to write me a long letter and when you get to making maple sugar to eat some for me Give my love to [     ] Griswold & wife and all the old neighbors and all of your little ones and beleive me ever

Your BroEd