Katherine Fletcher to Family, 1886 December 14

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State Normal School.Johnson, VT.Dec. 14, 1886.4. PM. o'clock.Dear Papa, Mamma, Rhett, Ray and Carrie:-

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Received the postal to-day. Am thankfull Rhett is better; hope he will continued so. Was unpleasantly surprised to perceive he was sick, the same as Carrie. I desire you to write me often, as I am thinking of him continually. I believe I am getting to be an old fuss anyway. Am getting along the same style as ever, nothing to break the sameness which prevails aside from Fri. evenings. Prof. has got back to his old place again. He has been visiting the Normal Schools throughout Mass. I think most are glad to see him back, for there has

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been a good deal of fun going on, while he has been absent. For you know "when the old cat is away, the mice will play."

I have had only one examination lately and that was in History. I received 93% in that. My adverage is now 92% in this class. Bertha's is far below 90 but I do not know what it is.

We do not hear from Miss Goodsell, think she must be worse.

As for coming home I am not certain. Shall not be home only once more anyway. If I was sure Rhett was not very ill I would not come home this week. I wish you would tell me, that I might know. Shall not come unless Rhett is worse; for I know the way for me to do is to spend my time studying Sat. if I intend to be a member of the B Class next term. As I think now, I do not expect to be home until next week Sat. night. Dec. 25. Will write you soon.

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I was obliged to get me a pair of rubbers 40[cent symbol] so if you can I wish you would send me some money when you can.

Nida George and I have the paper in Club this week. I am a editress, she assistant so the paper will be mine I will bring it home with me when I come. You know it is written by the different members of the Club and each part handed in to us.

the bell has rung so good night.

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