[Cora Davis] to Katherine Fletcher, 1886 December 20

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Jeffersonville, Vt.Dec. 20, 1886.Dear Kate:-

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I guess you will think I have entirly forgotten you, but I have not, I have attempted to answer your letter a long time ago but have neglected it until I am utterly ashamed to see your face until I have written to you, but I hope you will excuse me this time I will be more prompt in the future.

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Are you coming down home Christmas? if you are please get me a quire of that paper and I will pay you when I see you, if you write to me before I see you please give me that mans address so if I want any more paper I can send right to him and not bother you any more.

Have you heard from Mamie lately? when you write to her ask her for me if she knows she has a friend by the name of Cora Davis and if she has write to her that is if she considers her

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a friend.

I suppose that "Mr Water's" is well? When I come to see you again and that fellow steps up and takes my girl away from me I shall let him feel the toe of my shoe.

Instead of sending me one quire of that paper please send me five and send it just as soon as you get this letter and if you had just as soon trust me until I see you or until you come home because I intend to see you then, if you dont want to trust

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me let me know it and I will send you the money please send the paper immediately?

Well I have got to close and sweep for this time.

Now Kate please excuse me for not writing before I will do better next time.

I hope I shall hear from in a short time

Will close biding you a

Good Bye

Yours in [hast]C.B.D.