Katherine Fletcher to Carrie Fletcher, 1887 March 26

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Johnson, Vt.Mar. 26, 1887.Dear Sister Carrie:-

I have come to the conclusion that the only way in which I can get a letter from you, will be to write one.

Mamma said in her yesterday's letter that you had a severe cough, I can sympathize with you for I have been about sick all this week with a cough, and cold: but by keeping hot mustard cloths on my lungs & throat each night, I am not as yet very hoarse. Shall try to keep off hoarseness if possible, for I do not want to be so I cannot speak by our day of Public Club.

I have my piece selected and learned altho I have not the accent & gestures very good as yet. Mrs. Story selected it for me, & Has been up here two evenings to drill me on it. It is a humerous one. Our Class song is "Ching-a ling-a-ling." We have got this all ready. I have copied the piece, music & all, for you.

The A's Club came off Wednesday afternoon. Ours is a week from next Wednesday & we are all trying to out-due the other classes, and I guess we will, for there are some fine speakers & singers in the B. Class.

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There may be a mistake about this, but one of the girls said last night that Fast Day comes week from next Thurs.Fri. Apr. 8. I do not know about it for I have seen no proclamation as yet: and if this is the case, and mama would let you, it would be nice if you could come up here. Wed. noon, be here to Public Club, that afternoon & go down home with me the next Thursday night. you could go to school all-day with me Thurs. & have a jolly time.

I done a three week's washing last night, and my ironing this fore-noon. All I had, had to be washed, & you consider I had quite a little to do, white aprons and all.

I am heartily glad, Carrie, that you are studying this spring, and I tell you "keep right on." There is one plea I want to make with you, and that is pay your whole, undivided, attention to arithmetic. If you have anything to slight, slight something else. Take my case as a warning to you. If you knew what I have suffered since I have been here, and am suffering every day of my life over arithmetic you would beware!

Bertha and I joined the Christian Endeavor Society, as Active Members, last Sunday evening. One step for Christ.

Miss Gordon has gone down to Mr. Landows to live. Her mother was stop-

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there, and foroneor two other reasons I suppose she thought it best to go. I would not room with Miss Galushia so we each have a room all to our selves. It is much nicer that to be with a person who does not study any.

Miss. Gordon, or I have not either of us heard from the letters we sent to the [MTs.] we may though yet.

Miss Goodsell is coming in Apr. we expect.

Well, Carrie "so far so good" and I think this is far enough for this time. Write to me soon,

Love to all,Kate,