Katherine Fletcher to Carrie Fletcher, 1887 June 20

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Johnson, Vt.June 20, 1887.Dear Sister:-

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As I did not hear from any of you to-day, I concluded that perhaps you did not get my letter about board or perhaps some of you are coming up. Expect to hear to-morrow at any rate.

Well, I send you down these programmes and will give you one of the nice ones when I see you; but of these I want you to give one to Ethel,

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one to Mamie, one to Carrie Carroll and one to Laura Burnham. All the money I shall want I think now, will be the money for my lace for sleeves of my dress & fare home, the same you may tell mama. About pieces-- I have made up my mind now, after hearing the rest speak, that mine is as good as any in the lot, and I don't believe I should feel very much ashamed that night to see all Jeffersonville present. I hope you, papa & mama will be here any way.

Fondly Thine.Kate.